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Super Premium



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Ice Cream Goodies

     Our large waffle cones and bowls are the perfect way to enhance your ice cream experience, especially for our double or triple scoops. We also sell them chocolate dipped as well. Our premium milk shakes are the best. You won't get one anywhere else that is as awesome as Sweeties.

     Sweeties custom makes each sundae the way you want it. Hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce or pineapple topping. For example if you love hot fudge, we can put hot fudge on the bottom and the top. If you get 2 or 3 scoops, we can layer hot fudge in-between each scoop. Choose your flavor or flavors of ice cream and add a topping or toppings from our many selections. Add whip topping and cherry and you have a super yummy sundae. At Sweeties our guests are the kings or queens.

Sweeties also has a variety of Ice Cream Sandwiches made in our store using fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, super-premium ice cream rolled in chocolate chips, M&M's or sprinkles. All that can be said is YUM.

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